Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Low-quality or Irrelevant Images – Image quality is crucial to quality website design and so is image relevance. Making use of ugly or irrelevant images only compromises the quality of your website.
  2. Failure to use responsive design – Responsive design is crucial in the modern age as users are viewing your website from different devices like mobile phones, tablets and PCs.
  3. Failing to keep your website updated – When a website is not updated it can get vulnerable to intrusions and security breaches.
  4. Failure to provide a clear call to action – Users need to be told exactly what to do by way of links to the contact page, shopping cart or sign up forms.
  5. Website taking too long to load pages – There is no point in creating complex websites that at the end of the day do not provide quick access to your audience. Testing the audience’s patience tends to be counterproductive.
  6. Contact information that is not easy to find – Clients are not always patient. They need to be able to find your phone number and / or email address easily otherwise they will quickly move to your competitor.
  7. A busy or crowded website – A website with too much going on tends to confuse visitors as well as being off-putting.
  8. Horrible navigation – Users should be able to find their way around easily. Consistent and intuitive navigation design helps visitors to navigate with ease.
  9. Displaying / Presenting too many adverts – Adverts can distract visitors from your content thereby undermining your design objectives.
  10. Website’s colors that do not align with your brand’s personality – Your brand colors must reflect on your website to help visitors remember your brand.