10 Free Graphic Design Software

  1. Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) – Open-source free graphic design software which is alternative to Photoshop.
  2. Inkscape – Open source vector graphics editor used to create or edit vector graphics.
  3. Blender – Free and open-source 3D content creation suite that animators use short films and TV shows.
  4. Scribus – An open-source and free graphic design software for desktop publishing users.
  5. Vectr – Free vector graphics editing software that allows you to work with AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, JPEG formats.
  6. Canva – A graphic-design tool website that uses a drag-and-drop feature to create designs.
  7. Krita – A free and open source tool for digital painting and animation purposes.
  8. Gravit Designer – A free vector design app for creating detailed vector imagery.
  9. Paint.NET – A free graphic design software which is the Windows-based alternative to the Paint editor.
  10. SVG-Edit – Free and open-source vector graphics editor which can be used to create and edit Scalable Vector Graphics images from within a web browser.