African Brands to look out for in 2019

  1. Bos Brands – produces and sells ice tea.
  2. Zelda Learning –  A mobile platform that provides career guidance to students in high-school and university, linking them to opportunities that are right for them.
  3. Nala – A simplified mobile money application that allows users to make faster, smarter and safer transactions without an internet connection.
  4. Shezlong – An online mental health platform allowing patients to connect with licensed therapists via video on mobile or web.
  5. Appzone – A provider of banking and payment solutions.
  6. CowriePay – A payment gateway that allows customers to buy now and pay later.
  7. Sokowatch – Allows small shops to place orders from various multinational suppliers at any time via SMS.
  8. Halan – A motorcycle and tuk tuk ride-hailing and on-demand logistics application.
  9. This is Me – Online ID verification and due diligence platform.
  10. Remita – An e-payments and e-collections solution on a single multi-bank platform.
  11. Swipe2pay – A payments solution that allows you to accept both card and mobile money as a mode of payment.