Branding mistakes to avoid in 2019

  1. Inadequate knowledge about who you really are – Giving your audience a picture that is divorced from reality for example professing to provide a service that you do not or claiming abilities that you do not possess.
  2. Vague or weak brand identity – Failing to choose an identifying name that your brand can grow with over time and creating a logo that does not portray who you are and what you want to accomplish.
  3. Failing to differentiate your brand – When you fail to convey (with a compelling narrative) to your customers and target customers why your offering stands out against your competitors.
  4. Failure to maintain consistency with your brand – When you are quick to change slogans/taglines, logos, identifying colors before they even sink in with your customers.
  5. Showing your audience that you are trying too hard to be different – Too much effort can yield little or no results as it conveys desperation.
  6. Ignoring that your employees are your ultimate brand ambassadors – Failing to acknowledge the role that employees play in promoting your brand, failing to train employees on how to communicate value of your brand and failure to reward employees who promote your brand well.
  7. Using language that is not understood by your target market – Not researching adequately on your target audience resulting in using language that your audience does not understand.
  8. Focusing on everyone – Failure to identify your niche but rather focusing your advertising and marketing efforts on everyone.
  9. Failure to realize that that actions speak louder than words – Focusing more on saying things rather than delivering value thereby coming out as a brand with big words but very little substance.
  10. Inconsistent brand presentation over different forms of media – Showing inconsistencies on how you portray your brand on website, printed adverts, social media, etc.