10 things that can ruin your brand

Protect your brand by avoiding the following brand ruining habits:

  1. Being exactly the same as your competitors – Failing to show your uniqueness and why your target market should opt for you over your competitors.
  2. Poor social media habits – Engaging in behaviour that weighs negatively on your brand like being highly vocal on controversial and/ or sensitive topics like politics, religion etc.
  3. Side-lining or prohibiting employees in building the brand – Not giving employees the liberty to talk on behalf of your brand in this socially connected world.
  4. Putting short term gains ahead of long term value – Not thing long term with your branding.
  5. Undervaluing customer support – Not investing enough in making sure that customers can get in touch with you easily when they have issues that they need addressed and not promptly responding to their needs.
  6. Attacking other brands  – Engaging in behaviour that is intended to damage other brands or that customers perceive to be intended on damaging other brands.
  7. Overpricing, then underdelivering – Promising customers that they will get what you will then fail to deliver.
  8. Poor grammar and spellings – Not double-checking your content for grammar and spelling errors.
  9. Inactivity online – Having a social media account but being completely inactive or not engaging with customers by way of feedback and responses to questions.
  10. Low quality content – Content that does not portray the quality of your products and services.