Branding Myths Demystified

Uncovering common branding myths that interfere with your brand yielding better results.

I have a well-designed logo therefore I have a brand

A logo is just graphic representation of your business, it is just a means by which customers remember your identity. A brand on the other hand is much more than graphics. A brand encapsulates complex aspects such as your values, culture, unique attributes, and how customers perceive you.

I offer quality products and great service therefore my business will be successful

There is no doubt that the quality of your products and services play a role in the success of your business but it is wrong to assume that this automatically translate to a successful business. In fact there are businesses that are more successful but offering less quality products and services. The important thing is to back your quality with better exposure and better relationships with stakeholders.

Branding is only for products and services

This is simply not so. People and places are brands as well. This means you are a brand and therefore can invest more towards branding yourself.

There’s no difference between branding and advertising

Although the two are often used interchangeably, they are very different. Branding refers to the identity you create whereas advertising refers to how you show that identity to your audience.

A brand is what the owner of the brand says it is

This is not so. A brand is what the owner can back up with substance and that which they can consistently deliver.